«Shepetivka Sugar Refinery» PJSC


Address of production capacities: Starokostiantynivske highway, 31, Shepetivka, Khmelnytskyi region, Ukraine, 30403.

«Shepetivskyi Sugar Refinery» PJSC is one of the oldest factories in Ukraine, which history dates back in the XIX century.

Today, company takes one of the leading places in the sugar industry of Ukraine.

The history of «Shepetivskyi Sugar Refinery» PJSC as a part of the company «A`SPIK GROUP» starts in 2017, which contribution led to an increase in production indicators and in particular regarding sugar output per day, compared to previous periods.

In 2018 began the large reconstruction of the enterprise. In particular, there was made a modernization of the press unit with the installation of two new presses, produced by the "BABBINI" company, also there were improved the evaporation station, as well as the the grocery workshop with the installation of modern vacuum devices of the I product and the scheme of uterine utfel was built.

Also there were purchased and installed centrifuges of the II and III product, produced by the company "BMA" and there was a renovation of a car fleet of the enterprise.

Today, the factory's capacity is 4 000 tons of beet per day, and it produces sugar of the 1st and 2nd categories, which is sold under the trade mark of «Shepetivskyi Sugar Refinery» PJSC.