«Teophipolskyi Sugar Refinery» PC


Address of production capacities: Zhovtneva str., 12, Teophipol, Khmelnytsk region, Ukraine, 30601.

«Teophipolskyi Sugar Refinery» PC has all the necessary elements for ensuring high profitability of sugar beet growing. The process of sugar beet cultivation is highly technological and fully automated, harvesting and processing of the crop are provided by their departments — the transport shop and Teophipolskyi sugar refinery.

Teophipolskyi Sugar Refinery was firstly launched in 1975. It was the largest sugar refinery in the Soviet Union at those times.

Over the past 44 years, the refinery experienced a lot of historical events, as well as significant technological changes — from partial modernization throughout its existence and to almost complete decline in the mid 1990’s.

During the period of its operation — from its first launch to the present time — several partial reconstructions of technological process were carried out with the replacement of equipment. Two Babbini deep spinning pulp presses, filter presses of I saturation juice suspension were installed. 

The reconstruction of vacuum devices of I-III products, increasing the heating surface from 400 to 565 m2, modernization of the fillmass cooking automation were carried out. Centrifuges of I-III products were replaced by new centrifuges of BMA. 

Much attention was paid to improving of the production organization. Since 1992, the company introduced a workshop structure of production with organization of the following workshops: sugar beet processing workshop, limestone milk preparation workshop, juice purification and evaporation workshop, product department, department of acceptance and shipment of sugar, biological water purification department, CHP plant and others.

On September 30, 2017, the second largest biogas plant in Ukraine with a capacity of 5,1 MW began to produce electricity on the territory of Teophipolskyi Sugar Refinery.

In the following years the company plans to reconstruct the cycle arrangement with the installation of two filmy cases of the evaporation station, continue the isolation of technological equipment and pipelines with wall temperature of more than 40 °C, commission the 2-nd stage of the biogas complex with a capacity of 10,6 MW and increase the capacity up to 7 thousand tonnes per day.

The current capacity reaches 6,4 thousand tonnes per day. The company produces sugar, molasses, beet pulp and commodity lime.