«Podillia Foods Company» LLC («Kryzhopil Sugar Refinery» PC)


Address of production capacities: Blagovishchenska str., 103, Gorodivka, Kryzhopil district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine, 24615.

The capacity of sugar plant reaches 8,000 tons of beet per day. The enterprise sells sugar under «Podillia Foods Company» PJSC» Trade Mark. It also produces molasses, pulp, and shredded lime and sells them both on domestic and foreign markets. 

The construction of one of the most powerful sugar plant in Ukraine continued seven years — from 1979 to 1986. In 1986, the first production season started, during which 30 thousand tons of beet were processed. With a planned processing capacity of 5400 t/day, the maximum performance at that time was 3200 t/day and the production season lasted for 28 days. 

In order to increase the production capacity, since 2003, it has been necessary to modernize all production. The boiler house of the plant had been converted to natural gas, washing unit was reconstructed, and crystalizing department was reconstructed in 2005. 

To reduce the fuel and energy costs and increase the processing capacity to 8,000 tons of beet, the contemporary pulp presses for deep beet pulp pressing were installed, pulp drying department was reconstructed. In addition, the C-product centrifuges were installed.

In 2012, the refinery stream boilers converted from natural gas to solid fuel (coal).

In 2015, replacement of equipment, modernization of scheme of gas cleaning of steam boilers carried out and the thermal scheme of production was improved.

In 2017 safety juice filtration modernized, new B-product centrifuge installed.

In addition, the company implemented an unprecedented for Ukraine project for modernization of the technological scheme with the establishment of a new station for decalcification of juice by ion exchange.

In the 2018 production season, Kryzhopolsky Sugar Plant has set a sectorial record for the amount of sugar produced by single plant in the history of sugar production in Ukraine.

Since 2012, the company obtains a certificate of compliance with ISO: 9001 - Quality Management System.