«Parkhomivka Sugar Refinery» OJSC («Tsukrovyk-Agro» PE)


Address of production capacities: Kooperatyvna str., 14, Parkhomivka, Krasnokutskyi district, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, 62013.

Parkhomivka Sugar Refinery was built in1872. The sugar refinery was completely reconstructed in 1890.

Parkhomivka sugar refinery became one of the leading enterprises of the sugar industry, it had a significant influence on the development of the local economy. The restructuring of the mill was carried out and its capacity was significantly increased in connection with the expansion of the beet area and the increased sugar beet yield in the state farms and collective farms, which supplied the plant with raw materials.

Parkhomivka sugar refinery makes a significant contribution to the economic and sociocultural development of the region. The production capacity of the plant has been increased in recent years. The private enterprise «Tsukrovyk-Agro» began its activity on the basis of the sugar refinery in 2012.