«Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC (Chortkiv Production)


Address of production capacities: Ivan Franko st., 1, Zavodske, Chortkiv district, Ternopil region.

Chortkiv Sugar Plant was put into operation in November 1977 with a processing capacity of 6,000 tons of beet per day. In May 2013 it became part of «Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC.

During the years of its activity, a complete technical re-equipment and modernization of technological processes of production were carried out. In particular, after joining «Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC in 2014 Babbini pulp press with a capacity of 2500 tons/day was installed, which made it possible to upgrade the whole scheme of squeezing pulp. Also, the productivity of the pulp drying unit was increased.