«Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC (Zbarazh Production)


Address of production capacities: 47302, Ternopil region, Zbarazh district, Zbarazh, Karmelyuk, 1.

Construction of  Zbarazh sugar plant was started in November 1963 by «Ternopilprombud». Zbarazh sugar refinery was put into operation in 1969. The processing capacity of the company amounted to 3 thousand tons of sugar beet per day.

From 1975 to 1996, the plant annually processed cane raw sugar, the processing of which was restored in 2003. During the 41 year of its operation, the company produced 940,4 thousand tons of sugar from sugar beet and 1150,5 thousand tons of sugar from raw sugar.

In order to improve the organization of basic production, the company developed and implemented annually organizational and technical measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of the main production, reducing the cost of fuel and energy resources, increasing productivity and improving product quality.